CCF Staff

Rev. Dr. Tracy L. Saletta – Pastor

Rev. Dr. Tracy L. Saletta has been serving Christ in various ministry leadership positions for over 30 years. She has been the lead pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship since 2015 and was the associate pastor for 9 years prior to that. She worked closely with Rev. Dr. Robert S. Miller for 18 years and partnered with him to develop the Internship program, the Identity School for Christian Ministry’s curriculum, as well as developing and implementing his vision of JusticeRain, INC through her doctoral work. Since Rev. Dr. Miller’s death in 2015, Dr. Saletta firmly believes her call is to build on the foundation that was laid in his 28 years of faithful ministry. She is now the director of the internship program, the president of the Identity School for Christian Ministry, as well as the President and Executive Director of JusticeRain, INC. Dr. Saletta’s heart is to train up the body of Christ and ministry leaders to advance God’s kingdom of justice with integrity, character and faithfulness.

Rev. Dr. Tracy L. Saletta

Rev. Richard Mollica
Rev. Richard Mollica – Pastoral Staff

Rev. Richard Mollica is a member of the pastoral team at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and is the director of the SSE Pastoral Internship. Rev. Mollica was ordained in 2014 and was a graduate of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship’s pastoral internship program. He has, in his 17 years of professional experience, provided Christian counseling, group counseling, pastoral care, intervention services and has helped to establish Christ-centered programming in treatment facilities across the country. His own understanding of the loving heart of Christ for those who suffer has motivated him to spend a lifetime reaching out to those in need of Christ’s freedom. Rich feels called to network and unify the Body of Christ in order to effectively fulfill the great commission and to reach the lost and hurting in an honest and tangible way.


Rev. William Darwon – Pastoral Staff

Rev. William Darwon is a member of the pastoral team at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and serves as our international pastor, connecting with those in our church and community who come from different cultures from around the world. Rev. Darwon graduated with a Masters degree in Theological studies from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University in 2013. As a native of Liberia, Rev. Darwon has a heart for the nations and sharing the love of God to all races and all cultures.

Rev. William Darwon

Annie Pascarella – Pastoral Staff
Annie Pascarella – Pastoral Staff

Annie Pascarella serves on the pastoral staff team at CCF as the bridge to the Spanish-speaking / Latino community. Annie has been working as a part of CCF’s Open Doors Ministry for over 10 years, teaching ESL classes, launching a translation ministry, and leading a Bilingual Bible Study. She has a heart for the surrounding Latino community in West Chester and breaking down language and cultural barriers through the love of Christ.

Joni Miller – Director of Worship & Arts
Joni Miller – Director of Worship & Arts

Joni Miller traveled for 15 years in music/worship ministry and is currently serving as the Director of Worship & the Arts at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Joni oversees four worship teams, the dance ministry team, Cornerstone’s artistry and décor, and Cornerstone’s Artist in Residence Program. Her passion and vision is to bring glory and praise to the Lord through music, songwriting, dance, drama, and other forms of art.

Rhashida Pouncy – Children’s Ministry

Rhashida is an administrator at Collegium Charter School in Exton, PA and has been a part of the Children’s Ministry Core Team for several years. Rhashida is passionate about empowering children to be rooted in God’s Word, knowing His love, and growing in their faith. She is happy to now be serving as Director of Children’s Ministry at CCF.

Stephanie Kistler – Children’s Ministry

Rebecca Moss – Children’s Ministry

Rebecca has been involved in Cornerstone Christian Fellowship’s Children’s Ministry for over 15 years. She has been co-director of Children’s Ministry since 2016. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music education from West Chester University and taught elementary music for four years. She has a passion to see children empowered to fully use their gifts and to develop a deep-rooted faith.

Rebecca Moss – Children’s Ministry

Matt Ziegler
Matt Ziegler – Youth Ministry

Matt Ziegler is a Health and Physical Education teacher at Fugett Middle School in West Chester, PA. He has a Bachelor degree and Masters degree in education from West Chester University. Matt has served as co-youth pastor for the middle school and high school youth group at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship since 2010.

Dana Boyes – Administrative Director

Dana Boyes has been the Administrative Director at Cornerstone since 2013. Her passion for administrative leadership provides organization and communication among the various ministries, leadership and members of Cornerstone.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Baldwin-Wallace College in Cleveland, OH.

Dana Boyes – Administrative Director, Youth Ministry

Rev. Dr. Robert S. Miller – Pastor
Rev. Dr. Robert S. Miller – Founder (deceased) 

Rev. Dr. Robert Stephen Miller received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Muhlenberg College, a Masters of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Marriage & Family Ministry from Palmer seminary. Dr. Miller received the Orlando E. Costas Award for Mentoring (Palmer seminary, 2007) and was passionate about seeing the next generation succeed in ministry. He helped in establishing Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in 1989. He was president of the Identity School for Christian Ministry and president of JusticeRain, INC. He authored Survival Handbook for Young Pastors, Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers and the online 40-day transformational journey TempleWork. On March 2, 2015 Pastor Bob went home to be with the Lord. He is deeply loved and dearly missed by our community.