Upcoming Events:

Men’s Breakfast Saturday, September 23rd, 8am-11am

All men are welcome to join us for a time of great food & fellowship at our quarterly Men’s Breakfast! 




Mission Statement : At Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, the men’s ministry exists primarily to glorify Jesus Christ.  We desire to encourage and assist men in obtaining the exceptional life that God has for them.  We will seek to become a visible demonstration of the love of God in our family and our community.  We want to confront the issues prevalent in our society in the spirit of love, servant-hood and leadership.  In addition, we want to cultivate a spirit of fun and seeking appropriate avenues for recreation.


Goals and Objectives:

  1. Increase men’s prayer life both privately and publicly.
  2. Improve on men’s servant leadership role both privately and publicly.
  3. Provide a structure in which men are able to disciple other men.
  4. Develop a sense of belonging, self-worth and competence.
  5. Develop an annual men’s retreat weekend.
  6. Provide monthly breakfast and other fellowship activities.
  7. Develop a support system for men in need.
  8. Develop a network of resources.
  9. Assist in discovering, utilizing, and incorporating men’s gifts and talents in the church and the community .


Men’s Breakfast 1/28/17

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Men’s Basketball Fellowship 3/19/16

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Men’s Breakfast on 1/16/16

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 Men’s trip to Wilmington Blue Rocks Game on 8/22/15

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