Kingdom Kids

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Bake Sale

Sunday, April 29th 

Bring your $1 bills for delicious homemade treats! All proceeds from this bake sale will go toward Kingdom Kid’s events & this summer’s Vacation Bible School! 


Vacation Bible School 

Registration is OPEN!!! 

Want to make a donation toward supplies and scholarships?

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(please note/indicate your donation is for VBS- Thank you!)


Kingdom Kids, the Children’s Ministry of CCF

Rooted in the Word. Knowing His Love. Growing in Him.

Showing children the unconditional love of God

Introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Supporting families in making disciples of their children

But Jesus called the children to Him and said,

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18:16



The preschool through school-age children of our church are blessed to take part in the worship portion of our service each week. Here, they gain understanding of corporate praise and prayer, and they see the gifts of the Body at work. In the Kingdom Kids classrooms, the kids are engaged in a Bible story or passage. On a monthly basis, they are exposed to the journeys of missionaries ministering locally and around the world. Our children are also taught about the disciplines of the Christian life and how to grow step by step in these practices from a young age.  Jesus said, “Instead of being my servant, I’d like you to be my friend. Servants don’t get to hear secrets, but friends do. So I’ll call you my friend, because I tell you everything my Father tells me.”- John 15:15






Pictures from CaveQuest VBS 2016: IMG_6095IMG_6142IMG_6113IMG_6162IMG_6148IMG_6142IMG_6474IMG_6451IMG_6464IMG_6476IMG_6493IMG_6149IMG_6538IMG_6550IMG_6512IMG_6167