Being Sent Out by Jesus

Sent out by Jesus. . .All of us are called to live outside of ourselves.  We’re all called by Jesus to give our lives away, to learn to love and serve one another.  He calls us to utilize the spiritual gifts He’s given us to build up the Body of Christ.  Jesus calls us to Himself to love us and build us up.  Then He sends us out as His ambassadors filled with His Spirit to share our time and resources to advance the Kingdom of God.

Sent out by Jesus. . .God calls the church to be His “witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).  Each of us must discover his/her calling within the greatest revolution in human history: the Kingdom of God.  Jerusalem represents the geographical area and people that with which we are most familiar. Judea is an extension of Jerusalem—a regional area. Samaria represents people groups that might be unfamiliar or even unpopular to us (the Jews and Samaritans were not friendly neighbors).  The “ends of the earth” describes the scope of God’s mission: reaching every people group with the gospel of Christ Jesus.  God longs to see His church awakened and passionate to be sent out.  Cornerstone is committed to this vision!

Sent out by Jesus. . .We believe every Christian is called to join in the Great Commission (Mt.28:18-20). Specific commissionings are to be confirmed by Pastors, Elders and mission agencies–but it is Jesus Himself who sends us into His mission field, both locally and around the world. . .so that people will come to Jesus, become disciples of Jesus. . .and be sent out by Jesus to reach still others.